AMA was found guilty of conspiracy, but this never happens… right?

AMA Conspiracy - FinalIn August of 1987, U.S. judge Susan Getzendanner found that the American Medical Association had “led an effort to destroy the chiropractic profession by depriving its practitioners of association with medical doctors and by calling them ”unscientific cultists” or worse…”.

Judge Getzendanner continued, “In addition to ”labeling all chiropractors unscientific cultists and depriving chiropractors of association with medical physicians, injury to reputation was assured by the A.M.A.’s name-calling practice,” Judge Getzendanner said. ”

The judge had also implicated the American College of Surgeons and the American College of Radiology as participating in the conspiracy.

So many these days say that conspiracies like this do not happen and that “conspiracy theorists” are simply “crazy” for believing that a government agency would practice such low tactics.

And yet, there it is…


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