[video] Bayer, FDA knowingly allowed HIV contaminated medicines onto market

FDA allowed Bayer - FINALIn the 1980’s Bayer was allowed by the FDA to sell an injectable medicine called Factor VIII for Haemophiliacs. The problem was it was tainted with HIV and had apparently already caused infections and deaths in the United States before they (Bayer and FDA) decided it should be dumped into overseas markets.

Executives in those other countries supposedly went to prison but here in the United States nothing happened to their criminal activities.

Just this, this alone, should give people reason for pause but it doesn’t. It’s just unbelievable that something like this was allowed to happen and then a cover up was apparently attempted.

What saddens me the most here is just how many will say this is just conspiracy nonsense and was blown out of proportion but the truth is it happened and for all we know has happened again. At the very least we know that it can happen and this should cause us to question.

The worst part is that this was no accident!

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